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Published by: Staking 7 months ago

We are pleased to announce the StakeDrop for UBIX Network 🎁 The total amount to be stakedropped — 150,000,000 UBX! All UBX will be distributed equally to the participants.

If you missed our last announcement — learn what's StakeDrop here:


📶 The stake requirements for this StakeDrop: 50000 SCRIV.
▶️ 2 other requirements can be found at
#️⃣ The StakeDrop date: November 22, 2020, at a random time.


To receive the UBX StakeDrop you need to:

Sign into the platform at least once during this week;
Have at least 50,000 SCRIV staked;
Have at least one other crypto staked.

🔥 This StakeDrop fits perfectly to the "UBX double APY" event. Don't withdraw your UBX before December 13, and receive the 100% bonus to all rewards! Details at 🔥

⚠️ Usage of alt/fake accounts is prohibited. You may be excluded from this and next StakeDrops for breaking this rule. We are distributing UBX only to the unique and active users of the platform.