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Published by: pbzrpa 2 weeks, 6 days ago

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Published by: pbzrpa 3 weeks, 2 days ago

Dear Community,


We hope you are all healthy and well. It's been a while since our last announcement but we constantly planning, collecting feedback and improving the platform. We don't have any news yet as to the new token, we will keep you all informed as soon as we know anything.


For now we have been preparing the platform so that we can easily merge with the KYD hiring platform. This should be finished mid Q2.


We have not had any feedback from the community but we hope you like the new improved menu layout.   We needed to change it to accommodate future apps and features. We have also added some mobile improvements.


We continue to push forward.


Have a great weekend.  

Roadmap Update
Published by: Staking 3 months ago

Hello Scrivians! 😁


It's early 2021, and we'd like to share our article on


👉🏻 SCRIV roadmap (StackOfStake, Universal Miner, etc.)
👉🏻 What is being done at the moment?


Do you suggest anything? Tell us! Check our article:

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Published by: Staking 3 months ago

We are excited to continue the marketing push together with ColossusXT team 🚡 Today we are launching ColossusXT Community Contest.


💸 Each of 5 winners will win their starter stake of 20,000 $COLX 💸


🔹 You have 7 days to complete tasks. 
🔹 You will get bonus points for completing all tasks.
🔹 Claim additional points by visiting the Contest page daily.


Start now 👉

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Published by: Staking 4 months, 3 weeks ago

We are pleased to announce the StakeDrop for UBIX Network 🎁 The total amount to be stakedropped — 150,000,000 UBX! All UBX will be distributed equally to the participants.

If you missed our last announcement — learn what's StakeDrop here:


📶 The stake requirements for this StakeDrop: 50000 SCRIV.
▶️ 2 other requirements can be found at
#️⃣ The StakeDrop date: November 22, 2020, at a random time.


To receive the UBX StakeDrop you need to:

Sign into the platform at least once during this week;
Have at least 50,000 SCRIV staked;
Have at least one other crypto staked.

🔥 This StakeDrop fits perfectly to the "UBX double APY" event. Don't withdraw your UBX before December 13, and receive the 100% bonus to all rewards! Details at 🔥

⚠️ Usage of alt/fake accounts is prohibited. You may be excluded from this and next StakeDrops for breaking this rule. We are distributing UBX only to the unique and active users of the platform.

Published by: Staking 4 months, 4 weeks ago

Hello everyone 🙌


There are two exciting updates for you:
🔹 We are establishing the Community Fund (to be filled from StackOfStake revenue) — from now, anyone can contribute to the growth of the Scriv Network and receive the funding for contribution.
🔹 We are launching the StakeDrop feature — earn more bonuses and increased rewards by staking SCRIV.


⬇️ Full update ⬇️



Published by: Staking 5 months ago

Today the Scriv team launches 📈 the trading contest in cooperation with Crex24! 


📜 Make the highest trading volumes at to share the total prize pool of 150,000 SCRIV.


🆓 Don't miss the 50 SCRIV bonus by making at least one trade during the contest.


🕒 The contest period: 10-17 November 2020.


Learn more ⬇

Published by: Staking 7 months, 3 weeks ago

SCRIV NETWORK team is offering up to 10% cashback to anyone who purchases SCRIV from an exchange and holds it for 5+ days.




How to participate

1. Buy SCRIV from an exchange.

2. Withdraw to your wallet.

3. Fill the Proof-Of-BUY'n'HODL form:

4. Hold your SCRIV coins for 5 days, and receive a cashback.  


Cashback rules

• Buy 100-10k SCRIV - Receive 5% cashback (500 SCRIV max).

• Buy 10k-25k SCRIV - Receive 7% cashback (1750 SCRIV max).

• Buy 25k+ SCRIV - Receive 10% cashback (10k SCRIV max).


Event time: 20th August - 27th August 2020 12:00 UTC.

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Published by: Staking 7 months, 4 weeks ago

The first BigAirdrop is coming to StackOfStake platform 📷

To celebrate Bitcoin Confidential and SmartCash listing we are distributing 1 000 000 BC to the users!

You need to stake 20 000+ SCRIV or any amount of BC at on 19th Aug 2020. 
More coins you stake - a higher amount of coins will be airdropped to you.

Join StackOfStake community for more information: 🤙

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Published by: Staking 8 months ago

SmartCash added to the StackOfStake platform!


SmartCash is a community governance, cooperation & growth focused blockchain based currency & a decentralized economy. It was launched in 2017 by the decentralized team.


📚 Knowledgebase:
👾 Telegram:


📥 Where to trade SMART:

The above references are for information purposes only.  It is not intended to be investment advice. Always Do Your Own Research (DYOR) before any investment decision.


About StackOfStake:

StackOfStake is a staking and masternode investment platform. It allows investors to invest in cryptocurrencies that are based on Proof-Of-Stake technology and receive passive income.


🖥 Website:

🤖 Android app:

🍏 iOS app:

Platform features:
🔹 instant deposit, instant rewards accrual, instant compounding, instant withdraw

🔹 no deposit or withdrawal fee

🔹 no minimum deposit and withdrawal amount

🔹 referral system

🔹 no KYC

Join 💬 the official Telegram community: ;

Need support? Feel free to drop the line to 🆘 [email protected]