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MN / PoS
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Aug. 24, 2019
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MN / PoS
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ChangeLog: Mandatory update! Unification : due to complication of the previous daemon/cli naming, This unifies everyone to the correct naming convention. prxd, prx-cli, prx-tx, prx-qt. Default path changes from .Prx to .prx Masternode IP added to RPC calls for block explorer to show IP addresses of masternodes. Insert Null Glitch : When starting a wallet that had "Show Masternode tab" unticked, the wallet crashed with an Insert Null error. This is now resolved. Fake Stake patch applied - Spork trigger incoming. Added "Locked" balance Amended Available(spendable) to accurately represent the coins available for immediate use. MacOS pre-compiled has versions for current releases and legacy for Mountain Lion and older.
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icon Clicknode No Reviews
icon CREX24 (1)
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:loudspeaker: **PROXYNODE** is now listed on the **CTSC Platform**. The platform supports multiple coins and allows you to track coin details and latest wallet releases of your favorite cryptocurrencies. Mark a cryptocurrency as favorite, and you will be notified by email of wallet updates and whether they are mandatory. The platform also has a great **Service Provider** list where you can find various services.

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@prxnetwork has just been listed on the CTSC Platform. Head on over to the detail page

@CTSCoin #blockchain #serviceproviders #ctscplatform

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