November 2019
Marketing of Platform

Twitter Campaign, CoinTube and Bitcoin Talk page

December 2019
Platform Guide Videos

Release of Service Desk, Quick Tasks and Wallet Tracking videos

December 2019
Markdown Editor

Add markdown editor to Wallet Revision Notes.

December 2019
Roadmap Builder

Allow coin projects to build their Roadmap on Platform. Users will be able to vote up/down each stage and get progress notifications

December 2019
CMC Listing

We have submitted the request. With CB closing it may be a bit more difficult now

January 2020
Service Provider Database

Show list of Service Providers for hosting, explorers, etc

January 2020
Link Service Providers to Coins

Link coins to supported Service Providers so users can see services available per coin

January 2020
Game Scoreboard

Add Scoreboard with achievement levles

February 2020
Coin Tracker Multiple Currencies

Allow users to display coin Tracker in various currencies

February 2020
Service Providers Ranking

Extend out Service Provider database with ranking so users can share their experience with service providers

February 2020
Get listed on more Shared staking sites

List CTSC on some shared staking sites

February 2020
Github Updates

Automate fetching new releases from github

February 2020
Coin Ranking

Add user reviews to Coin projects

March 2020
Coin Price calculator

An easy tools to be able to calculate the value of a coin in various other currencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, etc

March 2020
Coin Announcements

Allow coin projects to make announcements directly on the Platform with email notifications

1st April 2020
Platform discord Bot

Integrate Discord bot with CTSC Platform to display info from Platform on discord

April 2020
Roadmap API

Create new api to allow extracting Coin Roadmap

May 2020
Coin Rating API

We will be implementing a coin rating API for other platforms to use.

May 2020
Service Provider Rating API

We will be adding a Service Provider rating API to othe Platforms

June 2020
Coin Mesh

Limit Coin Mesh to Platform Listed Coins

January 2021
Portfolio Editor

Allow users to edit their details in their portfolio page including avatar

February 2021
Platform fees

We need to make the service fees on platform adapt to the current price of the coin

March 2021
Marketing of Platform Service Desk

We still working on idea as how to get users to report their technical issues on the Platform

March 2021
2FA Authentication

Add 2 factor authentication to Platform

March 2021
Customized Task Notifications

Allow users to specify exactly what type of Quick Task notification they want to receive

Q2 2021
Market Place

We want to display partners that offer Once Off services that can be purchased through the Platform

Q2 2021
Platform Polls

Allow platform users to create Polls and get users votes and opinions

Q2 2021
Switch Platform costs/rewards to Tokens

In order to accept various currencies and to be able keep the same value of purchase, we need to switch to Platform tokens

Q2 2021
Hiring Platform

Move KYD Hiring platform to CTSC

Q3 2021
Private messaging on Platform

We will be implementing a messaging system on the platform

Q3 2021
Announcement Notifications

Allow users to get notified about announcements for certain coins/service providers