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The most complete set of tools for Strategy Development & Trading​ MachinaTrader is your Swiss Army Knife for automated trading, which sets a new standard for developing, testing and executing trading strategies in one single place. Professional tools for high performance trading, strategy backtesting and data analytics. No coding necessary. One single cockpit to monitor, manage and trade your assets. Our lean architecture enables rapid data download and processing speed. Like-minded Community & unique Social Network for better decisions​ MachinaTrader is part of the community and the community is part of MachinaTrader. It’s a seamless integration that unifies technology with human interaction for advanced intelligent crowd data analytics. Open source algorithm library and community-driven Marketplace. Sentiment analysis based on user ratings, community interaction and machine learning outputs. Public and private groups, beneficial discount and badge system based on user interaction. Get rewarded for your skills and your outreach on our Social Marketplace Signal Services, trading Strategies, Dashboard Widgets, extended reports & data sets provided by us or our Community. Join our affiliates program to boost your business and generate additional income. Full transparency on performances and user ratings. Customize and brand your product and keep control of your intellectual property. Service fee only, no trading fees or hidden costs.

  Anonymous June 7, 2021, 7:16 p.m.

I'm looking forward to the final version of the platform, for now a great start very detailed bot setup and backtesting features! Keep up the good work! If your interested in automated trading a must visit!

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